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Here at shorkieworld, we offer rour pauppy parents the best puppies.For our puppy parents that is looking for a thearpy dog, or a puppy a little more needy then a shorkie can be we offer what we call the FuzzyWuzzyPuppy!


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Color: Varies Sex: Female
Pickup Adoption Fee: 1600 Service Delivery Adoption Fee: 2000
Date of Birth: 22-Dec-2015 I can join My new family around 22-Dec-2015
7th Week: 09-Feb-2016 Can go home on 15-Mar-2016
Credit We Offer Do you qualify?

I will join my family with the following at no extra charge.

1. I will come home with a LIFETIME health warranty that cover 100% of genetic health issue, parvo and much more
2. I will with my personal all about me puppy book
3. I will come home with LIFETIME ASSURANCE PROGRAM
4. I have all my shots for my age
5. I am on a regular worming schedule.
6. I can be Neutered by our vet Dr. Harkey
7. I will have a 2 types of full blood panels
8. I will come home 100% healthy, I will have a complete physical
9. I will come home with a state Of Missouri Health Certificate
10. I will come home mircochipped
11. I will have my 10 point aptitude testing done
12. I will come home with a FREE vet exam by a local vet
13. I will come home with TONS of puppy information including how to take care of me
14. My new owners will have access to Cindy's Adopted Babies Facebook group
15. I will come home very prespoilt, with 24/7 puppy support
16. Pet Insurance
Potty Grate
Potty Grate Size