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We don't have cheap shorkie puppies for sale. My prices are a reflection of the quality and DEDICATION to my fur family and to my adopted parents. 

In the USA there are only 28 veterinarian schools, In order to be a breeder you are not required to attend any collage or schooling. When you become a Vet you take an oath to protect, nurture, and save the life of animals. The sad part is in order to create the life they are trying to save you don't have to any type of training, or schooling. Most ethical breeders do seek out training before they start to breed and produce shorkie puppies for sale, but not all shorkie breeders are ethical. I am very lucky to live in a state that offers great services to Shorkie breeders. I take advantage of them any time I can. I attend several seminars a year to lean about genetics, care and other great information about breeding. I feel it is my responsibility as a ethical loving, caring, breeder to stay on top of the breeding world and do the best job I can.

 Any one can claim to produce Top quality shorkie puppies for sale, but unless they do genetic testing on their adults there is no way to tell. That is why all my dogs are tested before they are bred to make sure they don't have any health issues that could be passed to their babies. You can find cheaper shorkie puppies for sale but I would say there is a 99.9% chance the breeder don't do the testing we do. So you will never know the history behind the parents, or if they passed any health issues they may have to their baby. There are some health issues can only be found by doing testing. Unless it is so bad that it starts affecting the adult.
When you are adopting a fur baby your getting a new family member, so the question to ask your self is if saving a little bit of money on the adoption fee is with the cost?

.Would it be worth the cost of your families tears if  your new baby has to be put to sleep at a young age because he can't walk due to bad knees, hip problems or seizures?

Would it worth the cost of watching your Baby suffer because the breeder did not do the testing that needed to be done, just because they wanted to save a dollar and did not care who got hurt.

Would it worth the cost of hundreds of dollars in vet bills if your low quality fur-kid develops a medical problem? That could of been prevented by testing of the parents.

Please take your time, when looking for a new furbaby, think about how important it is to have an experienced, knowledgeable and ethical Shorkie breeders who has shorkie puppies for sale to adopt your Shorkie puppy from. Buying poor quality doesn't just mean you just skip on beauty, but it can also mean inferior health and temperament.

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