Puppy Reservation Form

1. Complete the Puppy Application and then have a phone conversation interview with me.

2. Reserve a future puppy on our reservation list by completing and esigning our reservation contract and placing your non-refundable Reservation service deposit of $450.00 Reservation Service deposit (“Reservation Service Deposit”). In the event you elect to pay the Service Deposit by personal check, you will go on Reservation List for the desired litter on the date the check clears the bank. Fax the signed documents to the fax number listed below.

3. When the puppies in your selected litter are fourteen (14) days of age, you will be contacted to make your puppy selection. A non-refundable progress payment of $150.00 is due at the time of selection (“Progress Payment #1). You will need to also send in the lifetime health warrany Note: The order of selection is based on the date of your Reservation Service deposit. Seller accepts deposits for our puppies on a first come first serve basis -- first deposit gets first pick of the litter, second deposit gets second pick, third deposit gets third pick, and so on.

Note: If there is not a puppy that fits your needs in the litter, then you can move your Reservation Service deposit to another litter, provided

4. Please note: if you are on our reservation list and a litter is born you have the choice of picking a puppy or passing on the litter and waiting until the next litter is born. All payments paid for our reservation deposit service are non-refundable.

5. By submitting our online reservation list contract buyer understands the seller dose not ship dog, and they must either be picked up in person or hand delivered to buyer. Buyer understands seller puppies will come home spayed/neutered and the sellers adoption fees start at $1600.00

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