2024 Our Reservation List

2024 Our Reservation List

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We always keep our reservation list open. Since we only offer a few of litters of shorkie puppies a year.  If you are not ready for a shorkie puppy at the present time, or if you visited our site when we don't have babies available. But you want to adopt a baby from us in the future we welcome you to fill out our adoption form.

Once I receive your adoption form I will give you a call and let you know what litters I am expecting. If we both want to move forward with the adoption process you will be offered a chance to fill out our reservation form.

Puppy parents on our reservation list get to see our babies before anyone else. They have access to our private nursery section. By offering our reservation list we keep our puppies open for adoption to more puppy parents.

I receive  phone calls all the time from puppy parents wanting a puppy from us that were not on our waiting list. So they were not notified when our babies were born.Some times all our shorkie puppies are spoken for before they are born, so it is a good idea to be on our reservation list if you are wanting a shorkie puppy from us.

The reservation  service deposit is $450.00  and will be taken off the adoption service fee of you shorkie puppy. 

Once we receive your reservation contract and deposit I will add you to our reservation list. This list is not posted online at this time.



If you are on our reservation list you can acesses our private nursery here

Color: Sex: Male
Pickup Adoption Fee: 2000 Service Delivery Adoption Fee: 2900
Date of Birth: 26-May-2022 I can join My new family around 11-Jun-2022
7th Week: 14-Jul-2022 Can go home on 18-Aug-2022
Credit We Offer Do you qualify?

I will join my family with the following at no extra charge.

1. I will come home with a LIFETIME health warranty that cover 100% of genetic health issue, parvo and much more
2. I will with my personal all about me puppy book
3. I will come home with LIFETIME ASSURANCE PROGRAM
4. I have all my shots for my age
5. I am on a regular worming schedule.
6. I can be Neutered by our vet Dr. Harkey
7. I will have a 2 types of full blood panels
8. I will come home 100% healthy, I will have a complete physical
9. I will come home with a state Of Missouri Health Certificate
10. I will come home mircochipped
11. I will have my 10 point aptitude testing done
12. I will come home with a FREE vet exam by a local vet
13. I will come home with TONS of puppy information including how to take care of me
14. My new owners will have access to Cindy's Adopted Babies Facebook group
15. I will come home very prespoilt, with 24/7 puppy support
16. Pet Insurance
Potty Grate
Potty Grate Size