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Welcome to Shorkies.com

We have put this shorkie website together to help puppy parents get more information about our wonderful breed. If you visit the gallery link above you will see some great photos of our past shorkie puppies / babies. If you visit our 1st day home page you can read some great information about when your baby comes home. If you would like to contact me (I love to talk shorkie pups) visit the contact me page, and last but not least if you are ready to bring a new bundle of fur into your home visit our shorkie puppy page. If you want to read more about me and my breeding program or find out more information about shorkies visit my main site at www.shorkieworld.com

A little About Me

I am devoted to the BEAUTY and TOP QUALITY of the 1st generation cross breeding of the Shih Tzu and Yorkie. My main focus and goal is to produce healthy, happy and the most beautiful shorkie's in the world. I love my babies to have the teddy bear faces, the best cheerful personalities with sweet loving temperaments.

A little About My Babies

My shorkie puppies / babies make wonderful companions. I offer shorkies in many colors and size's. All my shorkie puppies are raised in my house and under our feet. I am a TRUE home breeder. If you call me and you hear my shorkie puppies or my adults please understand. Some times they can play and get loud.... We offer shorkie's that are very well socialized and loved. They are held from day 1..to read more about me visit: Shorkieworld

If you adopt a shorkies puppy from me he/she will come up to date with their shots worming, micro chips, toys, LIFETIME health warrantee and TOTALLY PRE SPOILT!!

About Shorkie

My mom is always a shih tzu and my dad is always a yorkie. Based on our mom's and dad size are babies should be between 4-10lbs full grown, but on a rare occasions our shorkie puppies can get a little bigger . My moms are 10lbs or less, my little stud is 3.5 lbs. All my adults are AKC registered. The AKC standard for a shih tzu is 9-16 lbs and the AKC standard for a yorkie is up to 7lbs. So the genetics are there for the babies to be a little bigger. I want you to know as a perspective puppy parent that there could be a slight possibility that your baby can get to be a on the bigger. Since we do not guarantee size.

About Breeders

Breeders not required by law to have any type of degrees, nor to complete any type schooling before producing shorkies / puppies for sale to the public . ANY body can claim to be a good ethical Breeder and claim to be anything they want. To read the full information on this Click here

This website is for information only and is not intended to discredit any breeders of shorkies or their breeding program

Great Shorkie Info


Our Main Website Visit this site to see the shorkie puppies we have at this time and to find out more information about us and our breeding program.



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